3D Scape Cart

3D Scape cart/packaging

3D Scape is a compilation cartridge of three visual demonstrations of what the Vectrex is capable of. At the Main Menu, the joystick changes the selection of any of the demonstrations while any button begins them.

The cartridge was published by Revival Studios.

3D Landscape Demo (2006) Edit

This demonstration consists of a 64 by 64 wireframe landscape which the player can travel around. To show the player's position in relation to the entire rendered landscape, there is a marker on a small scale map displayed at the top of the screen. The manual states that it is a concept that may be used in a future game. The joystick navigates the landscape, button 1 moves forward while button 4 exits the demo.

Oldskool +3 Demo (2002) Edit

This demonstration is programmer's Martijn Van Wenting's homage to the 1980s Commodore 64 scene. It consists of scrolling text with music. The text narrates the events in the demo. The first part of the demo simulates a load screen, the next part begins the scrolling text, followed by the addition of a set of bars which rove up and down the top half of the screen, and finally the bars are replaced by letters which spell "Revival", which wave horizontally. Button 1 exits the demo at any time.

Performance VX (2003) Edit

This demonstration consists of several 3D effects, which include rotating flying polygons, a shifting grid and a large rotating polygon. The demo also includes music. Button 1 exits the demo at any time.

Trivia Edit

  • 3D Scape Cart is numbered RS-VX0005 in the Revival Studio Vectrex series. It is preceded by Colorclash (RS-VX0004) and followed by Vectoblox (RS-VX0006).
  • Performance VX was available as a standalone cartridge as well and consisted of a constant loop of only that demo. It is the only ROM that Revival Studios has made available for download. It is also the least expensive cartridge offered by Revival Studios: 25 Euros as compared to 29 Euros for most releases (at the time of the writing of this article).
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