Alien Abduction title screen shot.

In Alien Abduction, the player must “fetch...puny humans” “for...gruesome experiments etc.” via piloting U. F. O.s and capturing them with their tractor beam.

The game was developed by dj_pale and was released in 2015 on the PICO-8 medium, which can be played on various platforms.


The alien High Commander XL'ARGH has ordered the player to capture humans for their experiments with a small spacecraft (as their “mothership is too valuable to risk for close quarters operations”). Once a human is carried high enough in their atmosphere “they can be collected by the mothership”.


At the beginning of each level, a U. F. O. will appear at the top center of the screen; humans scamper around below on the ground. The player must maneuver the U. F. O. towards the humans in order to capture them. Once a human is captured via tractor beam, the player must then make it back up towards the top of the screen with the human until it disappears. Once all humans have been disposed of, the next level will begin, although at a higher degree of difficulty.

Buildings on the ground produce projectiles that will destroy a U. F. O. upon contact. Starting at level two, fast moving airplanes appear and fire weapons; if one makes contact with a U. F. O., it will be lost and the game will end when there are no more U. F. O.s in reserve. If a projectile hits a human or if a U. F. O. is hit with a human in its tow, the human will fall back down to earth and die if it is too high up, costing the player points in the process as a penalty.


  • Start game–z or x key
  • Move U. F. O.–arrow keys
  • Activate tractor beam–z key
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