Asteroids title screen.

Asteroids began as an arcade game where players destroyed asteroids of several varying sizes, most of which would split into smaller asteroids when shot. U. F. O.s would also appear during a wave and fire at the player.

Asteroids for the PICO-8 is a clone of the original game of the same name but with several differences. It was developed by Vlek and was released in 2016, which, being a part of the PICO-8 medium, can be played on various platforms.

Gameplay/differences from originalEdit

The player shoots large asteroids, each of which breaks into two medium-sized ones, which, in turn, breaks into two small asteroids when shot. Getting hit by an asteroid will cause the player to lose a ship and the game will end when there are no more remaining ships. Thrust can also be used to move the player’s ship around the screen.

As compared with the arcade original, there is no hyperspace function, nor U. F. O.s in this version. The game starts off with half as many asteroids in a new game as compared to the original, although the difficulty curve is a lot higher, as asteroids on the first screen can already move very quickly. The game is also in raster (as compared to vector with the original), the player receives an extra ship with every 5000 points (rather than 10,000) and it states what wave the player is on, which was never on the original. The game is also for one player only, rather than two alternating turns maximum.


  • Start game--Z, X or arrow keys
  • Turn ship--left/right arrow keys
  • Use thrust--up arrow key
  • Shoot--Z key
  • Pause game--escape or enter key
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