Beyond Castle Wolfenstein was released in 1984 by Muse Software, and is the sequel to Castle Wolfenstein. It was released for the Commodore 64, Apple II, Atari 8-Bit and DOS.


The game is a Side-Scrolling Action-Adventure and a Shooter Game. The player must navigate the Nazi Bunker in order to find and kill Hitler, though must first locate and collect a bomb. The player can use Firearms and the Dagger to kill the Basic Guards and the SS Guards. The player can pull weapons on Guards and Frisk them, wear the Wehrmacht Uniform to fool guards (SS Guards can expose the player as an imposter), and open chests to obtain items. The player is occassionally summoned by guards to either show a pass, or give a bribe, if the pass is incorrect or the bribe is not accepted, the guards try to kill the player or activate a Bunker-Wide alarm.


The Player, after escaping SS Imprisonment in Castle Wolfenstein, is assigned to an assassination plot to kill Adolf Hitler with a Bomb hidden in a suitcase. After navigating Hitler's secret bunker, the player places the bomb and escapes the Bunker with a liason from an underground resistance movement.

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