Bionicle: Matoran Adventures was released in 2002 by Argonaut Games, and serves as a sequel to Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga. It was released exclusively for the Game Boy Advance.


The game is a Side-Scrolling Action Adventure Game, and the player must traverse the level, and fight Bohrok on the way, as they attempt to kill the player.


During the Bohrok War on the island of Mata Nui, Kongu tries to find Turaga Matau in Le-Wahi, but is is ambushed by Bohrok Swarms and Wild Rahi, but they are quickly dispatched by Kongu. After finding the Turaga, he defeats a large, powerful Rahi attacking him. Kongu and Matau then travel to Po-Wahi. They find Turaga Onewa, and then fight the Bohrok and Rahi in the area. After this is done, they all travel to Ta-Wahi.

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