Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land was developed by Red Wasp Design, and released in 2012 for iOS, Microsoft Windows and Android.


The game is a Turned-Based RPG Game. The player must guide their character through the world and follow given objectives to advance in the story. The player can obtain Action Points to enhance statistics.


It is World War I, 1915. A British Secret Organisation called MI-47 calls Professor Brightmeer to go to France. In France, British Officer Captain Hill informs Brightmeer that he is tracking down a Cult. The Cult is being lead by Docktor Kraul, who is using stolen technology created by Herbert West and Arcane Mythos magic to create an army of undead, in order to wipe out humanity and replace it with a new Hybrid Species, part Human and Part Star Spawn of Cthulhu. Brightmeer and Hill fight through the Imperial German Army and the Undead Army, and eventually find Kaul in his Underground Lab. Kaul has made a machine to create Undead Soldiers for the Central Powers. Kaul powers a ritual to summon a complete Star Spawn. However, Brightmeer and Hill defeat the Star Spawn, foiling Kaul's plot.

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