Castle Smurfenstein was created in 1983 by Dead Smurf Software, and was one of the first Mods created. It was created with Castle Wolfenstein, a game made by Muse Software two years earlier. The Mod is a sequel to Dino Smurf.



The game is a Side-Scrolling Action-Adventure and a Shooter Game. The player must navigate the Castle Smurfenstein (A Blue Mushroom Shaped Structure) in order to escape it. The player can use Firearms and Grenades to kill the Smurfs and the SS Smurfs. The player can pull weapons on Smurfs and Frisk them, wear the Smurf Costume to fool Smurfs (SS Smurfs can expose the player as an imposter), and open chests to obtain items.


Smurfbutcher Bob, after failing to destroy the Smurfs ancestors, is captured and taken to the present in Castle Smurfenstein, a fortress in Canada. SMURF stood for Secret Military Underground Resistance Force, utilised by former leaders of the Third Reich to assist in recovering their former glory. Bob has to escape the Castle and steal the plans for Operation Smurfkrieg to stop the Smurfs invading the Nation.

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