For the Fan-Made game, see Chex Quest 3 (Fan-Made)

Chex Quest 3 was released in 2008 by Charles Jacobi, a former Digital Café employee who was involved considerably
in the preivous two Games.


Jacobi originally only meant to create one level, but eventually decided to create a full game, with many of the features designed by scratch. The game was released eleven years after its predecessor. It also came with the original two games, with the original being named Episode 1: Rescue on Bazoik, and the second being named Episode 2: Terror in Chex City. The third chapter, which was the new content, was called Episode 3: Invasion!, therefore giving the game greater length.


The game is a First-Person Shooter, and the aim is to Zorch (Shoot at) the enemies and reach the end of the level, just like the preivous entries.

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