Title screen shot.

The player must collect as many coins as possible while avoiding enemies in a maze.

Being released on the PICO-8 medium, CoinAge can be played on various platforms. It was created by Demondice and was published in 2017.


The player is situated in a maze with two coins, which must be collected. Once a coin is collected, another one will instantly appear elsewhere in the maze. Two coins appear onscreen maximum.

In the center of the maze is a pen, which an enemy will appear in after several seconds, then it will enter the maze. After a while, another one will appear in the pen and also enter the maze until several enemies are onscreen at once.

Enemies will move around the maze, changing their direction once they reach an opening in their path. If an enemy catches the player, they will lose a life and the difficulty level will start over (i. e. with only one enemy appearing in the pen initially). Once all lives are lost the game will end. The player can utilize four escape tunnels that appear onscreen (two running vertically and two horizontally), however, which warps them to the opposite end of a tunnel when entered.


  • Play game--x key on the title screen
  • Move--arrow keys
  • Pause game/reset cart--enter or p keys
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