The Color TV-Game was a series dedicated consoles released by Nintendo. Five models were released from 1977-1980. It was in the first generation of Video Consoles.

Color TV-Game Block Breaker


Color TV-Game 6Edit

Color TV-Game 6 contains 6 variations of Pong. It was controlled with dials on the machine.

Color TV-Game 15Edit

Color TV-Game 15 has two controllers allowing two players to play more comfortably, instead of dials in the prievous model. It contains nine more variations of Pong.

Color TV-Game Racing 112Edit

Color TV-Game Racing 112 has a 'steering wheel' on the front, and is a racing game, unlike its predecessors.

Color TV-Game Block BreakerEdit

Color TV-Game Block Breaker was based on Breakout. It has dials to control the game like the first Model.

Computer TV-GameEdit

Computer TV-Game was a port of Computer Othello, a game by Nintendo.

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