Confidential Mission was released by Hitmaker, and was released for Arcades in 2000, and for the Dreamcast in 2001


The player controls the light gun, and shoots given targets on the display. The player proceeds through levels if they are not killed.


After Terrorists steal the World Collisions Satellite, the CMF sends Howard Gibson and Jean Clifford to investigate the Terrorists. After infiltrating a Museum, they discover that Agares was behind the theft. After attempting to get a disc of information, they are stopped, but eventually obtain the disc. They then rescue a Satellite Programmer in the mountains named Irina Mikalova, who was forced to reprogramme the satellite. With Irina's help, they track down Agares base, and discover the satellite is being used to destroy the CMF's base. They then stop Agares leaders, and prevent the CMF's base from being destroyed, as they directed the satellite at Agares Leaders and an Agares Submarine.

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