Daymare Invaders screenshot.

Daymare Town is a series of escape games where the player must hunt around scenes to find, pick up and/or use various objects and mechanisms to try to unlock more areas of the game in hopes of eventually escaping the bizarre towns the player finds themselves in.

Daymare Invaders, an online flash game, plays pretty much like a standard Space Invaders game, just using a couple of characters and a Daymare Town-like background from the games. It was created and released by Mateusz Skutnik on February 20, 2012.


This clone is pretty typical of most Space Invaders games, where the invaders move in a formation, moving down closer and closer to the player's character at the bottom and dropping bombs in the meantime. However, the difficulty level is a lot easier than the original arcade game, as the invaders don't drop nearly as many bombs. The bonus U. F. O. (now a giant that is seen briefly in Daymare Town 2) also does not come out at regular intervals like on the original, as it can be some time before it appears, then at other times two or three will come out in a row, one right after the other.


  • Move character--left/right arrow keys
  • Fire--up arrow key


  • At first when there are only very few invaders left (or if only one is left onscreen), they will not move very fast, unlike with most Space Invaders games where with the fewer invaders that are left the faster they will move. However, if the last one or two invaders are not taken out immediately, they will start moving faster and faster (and dropping more bombs) if not disposed of after a while.
  • Several of the sound effects are from the original arcade game.
  • The bunkers do not get refreshed after each new wave.
  • An extra life is awarded with every new wave.
  • The giant always makes its entrance from the right side of the screen (moving towards the left side), never from the left (moving right).
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