Destiny: Get Your Ass to Mars Collectors Edition was an April Fools Joke spread by Bungie, who were developing


The Joke stated that the Collectors Edition would be sold for $7,000,000.00, and stated Dont just play the game - live the adventure!. It was stated it would stretch the boundaries of character customization, with the purchaser being given experimental metamorphosis with skin dye treatments, voice modulation and cybernetic implants. It also said they would recieve Armour with State-of-the-art Urine Filtration Systems, as well as a Cape and Weapons, and they would be put in Suspended Animation while Bungie lowered the cost of the trip to Mars. The final paragraph stated the cost is what separates Brave Heroes from a Shortened Lifetime, and displayed a picture showing a skeleton with Playstation Controller on Mars.

"$7,000,000.00 is What separates Brave Heroes from a Shortened Lifetime"

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