Dino Smurf is a Mod made by Dead Smurf Software in 1983. It was one of the First Mods ever made, and was a mod of Micro Fun's Dino Eggs.

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The Player has to collect eggs, and after collecting three (The maximum amount they can carry), they have to travel back to the future to drop them off before coming back for more. If the player is attacked by an enemy, the eggs become contaminated and are lost. If there is a fire, the eggs hatch and the things that come out of them have to be rescued as well, but they are harder to rescue.


Smurfbutcher Bob tries to save his children from the Smurfs by travelling back in time to kill their ancestors, who are guarded by the Canadian Armed Forces.


  • The Game has a sequel later on in the year, called Castle Smurfenstein
  • Smurfbutcher Bob's name is a parody of Timemaster Tim, the protagonist of Dino Eggs
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