Drop zone title

Title screen shot

Defend your cannon from dynamite wielding paratroopers in this remake of an Apple classic.

Drop Zone was developed by Silver Dollar Games and was believed to have been released in 2013.


The player controls a cannon at the bottom center of the screen. Gray helicopters fly overhead which take several hits from the cannon to destroy. If they are not destroyed quickly enough one or more paratroopers will jump out of them and start descending downwards. If they land on the ground before the player can shoot them they will make their way towards the cannon and light a stick of dynamite next to it which, once it explodes, destroys one of the player's five cannon shields (which is denoted by a number at the bottom center). Once all five shields have been destroyed the cannon is lost and the game will end.

Red helicopters also appear occasionally during a game, which move faster than gray helicopters, they will deploy up to five paratroopers very quickly (rather than usually only two at a time at most with gray helicopters) and they will descend quicker than regular paratroopers.

A clock powerup also occasionally appears during a game which, once shot, will slow down the action (except for the player's cannon/fire) until the clock disappears from the screen.


  • Move cannon--left/right on mouse
  • Fire cannon--left mouse button
  • Pause game--right mouse button


  • It is assumed the "Apple classic" game this is based on is Sabotage. Paratroopers and Commando Raid also have similar gameplay, with Paratroopers also being a Sabotage clone but Commando Raid has the additions of buildings to protect, ways for them to be repaired and an extra enemy aircraft.
  • There is an occasional bug where sometimes a paratrooper's chute will be destroyed, yet the paratrooper will still slowly descend downwards (in real life this would dramatically increase the speed of a falling person without their parachute), land and then proceed towards the player's cannon as usual.
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