Earth Was a Bad Choice title screen.

An alien has become separated from his space ship after stopping on Earth for some “R and R”. Unfortunately the Earthlings are treating him like a “monster”, so he must make it back to his ship and flee the planet.

Earth Was a Bad Choice, being released on the PICO-8 medium, can be played on various platforms. It was created by zatyka and was published in 2016.


The player controls an alien that is constantly running down a road on the way to being reunited with his ship. He has limited energy which is constantly depleting while he is running; however, when he becomes airborne, he will not use up any energy then. If he runs out of energy then the game will end, although the player can continue at the level where they left off.

Various Earth vehicles will start appearing once a level has started; once the alien makes contact with one, the vehicle will be destroyed (unless it is a tank) and the alien will jump into the air. Moving the alien left and right to try to hit as many vehicles as possible will add to the player’s combo score, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen (along with how much time the player was in the air max) if the player is able to hit at least 10 vehicles and/or projectiles in a row without touching the ground.

At the end of each round, the alien’s energy is fully restored. More different vehicles are added, along with their ability to start shooting at the alien the further the player makes it in the game.

If the player is able to make it to their ship, someone has started towing it, which the alien must once more become airborne by coming into contact with as many projectiles fired from the towing vehicle as possible, which they then must hit the vehicle three times in order to free their ship and beat the game.


  • Start game–left/right arrow keys or z or x keys
  • Move alien–left/right arrow keys
  • Read text–left/right arrow keys
  • Pause game–p key
  • Toggle music–x + z keys
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