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Farming Simulator 16 is a game released on August 5, 2015. It was created by GIANTS Software, the same people who create Farming Simulator games.

New AdditionsEdit

  • Forestry!
  • Better graphics!
  • Mini Map!
  • Auto-Drive!

Helpful hints and Typical TipsEdit

  • If you have enough money to buy a new tractor, and it's the next level tractor, then don't sell your old one. That old tractor can help with making new fields or sowing a new crop.
    • Same with harvesters and forestry.

List of machinesEdit


  • Hiirlimann H488
  • STEYR 4115
  • SRME Fortis 190
  • CASE IiI Puma 160
  • Lamborghini Mach 230 VRT
  • NEW HOLLAND T8.320
  • JCB Fastrac 3810
  • CASE IiI Magnum 380


  • MAN TGS 18.440
  • KRAMPE SB 30/60: HUGE trailer that needs a helper to hook up to a tractor, but doesn't need anything when hooking to the MAN truck.
  • FLIEGL Low Loader
  • LIZARD Pickup Truck
  • Fliegl Dolly EA: The Dolly helps you put a tractor to the SB thing. That's all it does. Trust me.


  • CASE IiI Axial Flow 7130
  • NEW HOLLAND CR 10.90
  • GRIMME Rootster 604
  • GRIMME SE 260
  • KRONE BiG X 1100

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Following InstallationsEdit

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