Galaxy Bowling loading screen.

Galaxy Bowling is a compilation of 11 bowling games. Although rules can vary due to scoring and the number of balls/mallet-like objects that can be used per frame, the goal of most included games is to knock down as many pins as possible per frame while using the least amount of balls.

The game was created by Winterlight and was published in 2016.

Included gamesEdit

  • Ten Pin Bowling–this is the traditional 10 pin bowling game found in many countries.
  • Pick Up Spares–only a few pins and balls are available per game; pins are set up in certain groups and the player must knock them all down in order to advance to the next stage. Once the player fails to knock over all pins during a stage without having any spare balls remaining the game will end.
  • One Hundred Pins–fantasy bowling game where the player has five balls to knock over 100 pins that are set up. The ball can come rolling back and knock over additional pins on the rebound.
  • Long Alley Skittles–rather than using a ball, a mallet-like object is used instead, along with being thrown at the pins, rather than rolled. Like with several versions of Skittles, the head pin must be hit first or else any other pins that were knocked over first won’t be included in the score for that turn.
  • Iron Pin Bowling–standard Iron Pin game using 5 ½ pound pins.
  • Duck Pin Bowling–standard Duck Pin game.
  • Candlepin Bowling–standard Candlepin game.
  • Five Pin Bowling–standard Five Pin game.
  • Nine Pin Bowling–standard Nine Pin game.
  • Shuffle Bowling–the pins are on a long shuffleboard, rather than a lane, and the player uses a standard shuffleboard puck instead of a ball. The game uses the standard 10 Pin scoring rules otherwise.
  • West County Skittles–has smaller pins like in Long Alley Skittles, but a standard bowling ball is used instead of the mallet object.


Up to four players can compete during a game. The ball design can be changed via selecting the House or Cosmic Balls part of the menu on the options screen, the latter of which have to be unlocked by achieving various scoring goals during games. Game stats are also available, showing best scores per game and the like. The sound, music, camera shake when a ball hits pins, camera following the ball when thrown, the dynamic pin camera, instant replay, and light reflection off bowling floors can be toggled on and off.


  • Position ball–move mouse left/right
  • Throw ball or mallet–up on mouse
  • Steer ball–move mouse left or right (note: this can only be done once after a throw)
  • Pause–onscreen button
  • Skip cutscene/speed up lane preparation–left mouse button
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