HTML5 Pacman shot of level one.

Pac-Man is one of the most successful video games ever, starting off in the arcades where players controlled Pac-Man, a yellow creature that must clear out every screen of dots before they could advance to the next one. Four creatures would chase the player, which, if caught, would cause the player to lose a life and the game would end when there were no more lives left in reserve. However, Pac-Man could eat one of the four energizers in the maze in order to be able to safely eat the monsters for a few seconds.

HTML5 Pacman is an internet clone of Pac-Man written in the HTML5 programming language, although with several changes. It was published by


The player must guide Pacman through mazes, clearing them of dots by eating them. Four ghosts will pursue Pacman, which making contact with one will cause the player to lose a life and the game will end when there are no more remaining lives. Eating a flashing pellet will allow the player to eat the ghosts for a short amount of time, however. Bonus prizes also appear in an area of a maze (see next section) that can also be consumed for extra points.


The game is not an exact clone of the arcade original, as Pacman starts off a level in a different place each time. He can also be stopped in the middle of a maze lane, unlike with the original where he can only stop at a maze edge. Bonus fruits also appear at different places per level (rather than always appearing below the monster cage), along with always being 100 points (rather than increasing in value per level) and several different kinds will appear during a level (which only one kind would appear per level on the original). Ghosts are also only worth 100 points each, rather than doubling in succession when eaten (instead of being 200, 400, 800, etc. on the original game). The maze changes with every level, several of which contain one-way dead ends (which never happened with the original), along with not having any escape tunnels. Pacman can now enter the ghost pen, ghosts will reappear very quickly in the pen after being eaten and they can exit it through the bottom (although this is probably a bug). The game is also for one player only (rather than two alternating turns) and if the player is able to beat the third maze then the game ends (which the original had over 250 levels).


  • Move Pacman–arrow keys
  • Pause game–P key
  • Mute sounds–M key
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