Home Story: 1971 title screen shot.

In Home Story: 1971, the player controls a character named Jamie who must unlock the mystery of a torn up photo in a house where things seem amiss.

The internet flash game was created and released by Justwo in 2017.


Jamie must find and gather up several pieces of a torn up photo found strewn amongst her house and back yard.

Many areas of the house are initially off limits, although once certain actions are performed, items are collected and used and puzzles are solved, more and more areas are opened up.

Performing a few acts for Jamie’s parents also lead to further areas of the game. If all actions are performed correctly and all puzzles are solved then the game will end.


Once the player solves all puzzles, performs certain actions for their parents and puts all pieces of the photo together and gives it to their mom, she will give Jamie the key to Jack’s room. Earlier, the headline of an unfurled newspaper found in the attic states that a boy, seven years old, is feared to have drowned after being swept off to sea. That was Jack, as he and Jamie are twins due to a video tape being found in the house that was labeled as to being their sixth birthday. Jack was lost at age seven and this was the first birthday without him, explaining the despondency of Jamie’s father, who does not want to be bothered while watching tv and for not eating a nearby piece of birthday cake, along with the never seen mom not coming out of her room, stating that she was not feeling well, admitting to being “selfish” and keeping Jack’s room locked for quite a while. She also tells Jamie that she knows she misses her brother.

Inside Jack’s room is a handwritten note stating he was sorry for tearing up Jamie’s photo and that he would help her find it.


  • Examine/pick up/engage items–left mouse button
  • Engage safe–left mouse button while turning dials
  • Speed up in-game dialogue–left mouse button
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