Magnetoids title screen shot.

Asteroids started off as an arcade game where players, controlling a fleet of space ships, had to destroy large asteroids floating about a playfield that would turn into two medium asteroids when shot, which would, in turn, become two small asteroids when hit. A bonus U. F. O. would also appear several times during a level and would fire at the player.

Magnetoids takes the basic premise of Asteroids (turning and shooting) but alters the basic gameplay.

Being released on the PICO-8 medium, the game can be played on various platforms. It was created by dj_pale and was published in 2016.


A game starts off with several boxes that float about the screen. The player must shoot them, which causes them to reverse, along with creating a brief magnetic shield. A nearby box within the shield’s area must also be shot, which will cause the two boxes to form one bigger box as long as both of their shields are active. The player must do this (combine boxes) until only one giant box remains, which will then “collapse due to it's unbearable mass”.

Combining all boxes will enable the player to continue onto the next level, but at a higher degree of difficulty. If a box comes into contact with the player’s ship, then it will be destroyed and the game will end when there are no more reserve ships left.


  • Start game–x or z keys
  • Navigate–left/right arrow keys
  • Shoot–x or z keys
  • Pause–p key
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