Medal of Honor was released in 1999 for the PlayStation, and was developed by Dreamworks Interactive.


Background[edit | edit source]

Steven Spielberg held a meeting with Dreamworks Interactive staff, with an idea for a videogame set in World War II. It was inspired by Spielberg's son playing GoldenEye and Spielberg liking the WWII theme. Michael Giacchino composed the musical score for the game.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game is a First-Person Shooter, with the aim being to kill enemies, complete objectives and reach the end of the level.

Story[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson, former Pilot, was recruited into the Office of Strategic Services. His first mission with the OSS is to rescue a stranded pilot who is located in a French Town. He is then sent on a covert mission, disguised as a Wehrmacht Officer, to destroy a large railgun attacking allied forces. Again disguised, this time as a Kriegsmarine Officer, he boards a Nazi Freighter to reach a U-Boat, in order to destroy it. The OSS then sends him to Fort Schmerzen, and Patterson finds out it is a Mustard Gas facility, which leads to him flooding the area with the gas. After the Germans start producing a substance to create Atomic Weapons, Patterson is sent to the facility in Norway. His next missions is to recover stolen french art stockpiled into an Austrian Salt Mine. Patterson is then sent to Germany to find and destroy the V2 Rocket Facility before they are used against Allied Forces.

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