Nerf Arena Blast is a First-Person Shooter released in 1999 by Visionary Media. The game is based on Nerf,
a franchise of toys weapons that fire foam darts.


The player has complete the objectives they are given in different game types. In PointBlast, they have to gain points from shooting opponents or targets. In SpeedBlast, they have to race their opponents through seven flags in a sequence, without getting tagged out by getting shot, as they have to return to their last flag. BallBlast, is where the players fight for coloured balls, where they can be then shot at targets, after a player shoots all balls at the targets, a seventh golden one spawns. The winner of BallBlast is the person who has the most points when all balls have been fired.


The player joins an Amateur Nerf team, who want to compete against professional teams for the title of Nerf Champion of the World.

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