Notepad Invaders title/score table screenshot.

Notepad Invaders, an online flash game, is a clone of Space Invaders in which everything looks like it has been drawn by a pencil, the background is replaced with notepad paper, and the music was added to, with inappropriate chants from the invaders. It was developed by Rob Manuel.


The majority of Notebook Invaders plays the same of pretty much any Space Invaders game where the Invaders drop bombs, there are four bunkers to seek shelter behind, a high scoring mystery ship to shoot appears over the Invaders, etc.

Of course, the most obvious difference is the look and theme of the game, where the Invaders look like sketches, as they are invading a notebook. The bunkers, with each hit they take, start turning into piles of rubble, which the rubble will have to be destroyed so shots can pass through the remains of the bunkers. The bunkers also do not get refreshed in between levels, and once they are totally shot away, they do not return.

The Invaders also say “kill the fucker” as they move (which the usual “Space Invaders pulse” can be heard in the background), which, the faster they move as fewer Invaders remain, the chant is cut short to just “kill, kill, kill”. The game is also for one player only, an extra laser base is awarded with the clearing of each level, and when the player either runs out of laser bases or an Invader reaches the bottom of the screen/overruns the player, it says “DEAD!” on the screen, showing a skull and cross.


  • Move laser base–mouse (left and right)
  • Fire–left mouse button
  • Pause–P key
  • Toggle screen size–S key
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