Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis was released in 2001, and was developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio.


The game is a Tactical First Person Shooter, and is largely team orientated. When given command of a squad, it becomes strategic, and involves the player guiding them with commands. Otherwise, the player is completing the objectives.


In 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev became Premier of the Soviet Union, and while some of his reforms are praised by Western Nations, Communist Hardliners oppose him greatly. General Aleksei Guba, a General gone rogue, is determined to depose of Gorbachev and take over the Soviet Union. After capturing an island, he decides to start war with America. NATO investigates the loss of the island, and after the squad does not return, Colonel Blake orders an invasion of the island.

Though capturing a part of the island, the Soviets counterattack and heavily beat down the American Forces, and the Soviets spread. After General Guba mobilizes the USSR, the American Forces must prevent the launch of Nuclear Missiles to prevent World War III.

Expansion PacksEdit

Operation Flashpoint: ResistanceEdit

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is an expansion pack to Cold War Crisis. The game takes place three years
earlier to the original game.

The player takes on the role of Victor Troska, who has come back to his island home after serving with the British Special Forces. The island is invaded by Soviets, who are assisted by a traitorous political party wanting them to overthrow the government.



Virtual Battlespace Systems 1, Shortened as VBS1, is a version of Operation Flashpoint designed as a Special
Combat Training Application, and has been used by many organisations, including the United States Marine Corps.

ARMA: Cold War AssaultEdit

ARMA: Cold War Assault was a rerelease of Operation Flashpoint. The name was changed,
as the Operation Flashpoint name was owned by Codemasters.
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