Title screen shot.

Pac-Man is one of the most popular video games ever, starting with its debut in the arcades. Players, controlling Pac-Man, had to clear mazes of dots while avoiding four monsters that chased them; getting caught by a monster would cost the player a life and the game would end when there were no more lives in reserve. However, players could eat flashing energizers that would briefly allow them to eat the monsters for a short time. The game has been ported to all kinds of home and computer platforms, along with many sequels being released.

Munchkin (later known as K.C. Munchkin! for the Odyssey2 home system) took the mazes and the eating of dots from Pac-Man, although there were fewer monsters, the dots moved and they increased in speed with each one that was eaten.

Pakutto BOY combines the four monsters from Pac-Man and the moving food from Munchkin. Being released on the PICO-8 medium, the game can be played on various platforms. It was created by Konimiru and was published in 2016.


The player starts each game in a maze and must clear out all foods in order to advance to the next one. Monsters start moving about the maze and when they catch the player they will lose a life and the game will end when there are no more lives in reserve. Extras lives are awarded after 2000 and 5000 points, however.

Whenever the player eats a piece of food, they will briefly be able to eat a monster for points. With each new maze, it will change and the monsters and food will move faster.


  • Play game–x or z keys (on title screen)
  • Move BOY–arrow keys
  • Pause game and/or reset cart–enter or p key


Like with Pac-Man, one monster is faster than all the others (the red one). However, in this case it is the beige monster.

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