Pico-Man title/score table shot.

In Pac-Man, players controlled a yellow creature that had to clear mazes of dots while four monsters chased after him.

The PICO-8 is a fantasy video game console that plays games on a 128 x 128 pixel-wide display.

Pico-Man is a clone of Pac-Man for the system. The game was developed by UrbanMonk and was released in 2016, which can be played on various platforms.


The player controls Pico-Man, who must eat all of the dots in a maze in order to make it to the next level. Four monsters chase him; being caught by one will cost the player a life and the game will end when all lives are lost. However, Pico-Man can turn the tables on the monsters by eating an energizer, which Pico-Man will then be able to eat the monsters for a few seconds.

There is a tunnel at the center sides of the screen that Pico-Man can use to escape from the monsters (who will hesitate if they enter the tunnel). Also, a bonus prize will appear up to two times during a level and is worth big points if Pico-Man is able to consume it in time before it disappears.

Differences between arcade originalEdit

Due to screen limitations, the player has to move up or down a vertical corridor a little in order to view the entire screen. The game has no sound, the dots resemble boxes, the monsters do not stay edible for as long and their names were changed this time around.


The new nicknames for the monsters have to do with the PICO-8 platform.

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