CCPokémon Uranium was a Pokémon fangame released in 2016. The fangame is available on the PC


The game plays exactly like a real Pokémon game, with the player controlling a character, and traversing through the world catching new Pokémon, beating the eight Gym Leaders, beating the Elite Four and beating the Champion. The game introduces many Fakémon, and includes a new Nuclear Type, which contains corrupted Pokémon as well as regular Pokémon.


The Player (Vitor/Natalie/Pluto) is the son of Kellyn , the top member of the Tandor Ranger Union. The players mother, Lucille was killed in a Nuclear Accident, and the father disappears, leaving the player to reside with their auntie in Moki Town. After meeting Professor Bamb'o, the Player and their rival (Theo) begin travelling Tandor to gather specimens of the Pokémon of Tandor for Bamb'o.

Later in the story, it is revealed that the players mother did not die in a nuclear accident, but used the CURIE interface and hidden in Uraynes stasis tank to survive, and the cost of her mind being terribly damaged. The Player encounters CURIE at Nuclear Plant Omicron, where she wounds Kellyn and Cameron and escapes. After tracking down CURIE to Nuclear Plant Zeta, they find their rival in a stasis tank, and CURIE battles the player with her Urayne. At the Tandor Championship Site, CURIE confronts the player, again using only Urayne, but is defeated. Her final defeat reveals her as Lucille, and is arrested by the Tandor Ranger Union.

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