Prisoner of War was released in 2002, and was developed by Wide Games for Microsoft Windows, the Xbox and the
PlayStation 2. Unlike most Stealth Games, this one portrays hardly any violence.


The player must complete their given objectives without being spotted by Nazi Guards. If spotted, they will be ordered to cease their activity, disobeying the guard will result in being shot. Being spotted really close to the guard will result in the player surrendering and losing. The player is unable to fight to complete objectives.


Captain Stone, an American Pilot who's plane was downed, is taken to a small holding camp. In order to attain help to escape, he performs tasks for the other prisoners. He trades some items for Boot Polish to darken his face for Camouflage for night time tasks. JD is captured and brought to the camp, and gives information to Captain Stone and other Prisoners to assist in an escape. Although their escape was well thought out,  they are all captured by General Stahl, and he kills JD for not surrendering. Stone is taken to a new camp, Stalag Luft, and meets a British and a Polish Officer who lead an escape committee. After escaping again in a tunnel, he is captured by German Soldiers and sent to Colditz Castle, an infamous Camp. In the camp, someone he met at Stalag Luft asks him to escape back to the camp. After Stone travels through the sewers, he reaches Stalag Luft. The Kommandant of Stalag Luft puts him in as so to avoid General Stahl hearing of the failure in preventing his escape. The Escape Committee of Stalag Luft tells him he needs to steal secret German Documents that show that V2 Bombs are being built in the camp, so that Allied Bombers will not attack. The Committee, however does not have time to send the document to London, so they decide to use another plan. Captain Stone uses a German Radio to call the bombers, and while the Air Raid Sirens go off, the Prisoners start a mass escape. General Stahl orders the V2 Rockets to be fired, so Stone enters the laboratory to sabotage them. Stahl is disapointed with the rockets, and goes to look at the experiments in Colditz instead, while Stone sneaks in Stahl's car. At Colditz, Stahl discovers Stone, and Stone is taken into Colditz after Stahl believed he accidently wound up in the wrong camp. The escape committee informs Stone that a Glider is being built in the Camps Chapel. Stone retrieves the last few pieces for the glider, and they escape Colditz and kill Stahl.

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