Red Faction was released in 2001 and was developed by Volition.


The game was inspired by contemporary Science Fiction films, notably Total Recall. The game uses the Geo-Mod engine, which allows certain areas of the environment to be destroyed. Monkeystone games developed a version of the game for the Nokia N-Gage.


The game is a First Person Shooter. The aim is to complete the level objectives to reach the end of the level. Features include using weapons to destroy or tunnel through areas of the map.


In 2075, many of Earths minerals are depleted, and more are needed to help the Human Population to survive, making Ultor Corporation lead a Mining Operation on the Planet Mars. Many miners witness abusement, and a disease called The Plague is widespread. Parker is fooled by the promise of good treatment, and joins the Operation in Mars. After a guard abuses and kills a Miner, a rebellion starts. A group steal a shuttle in an attempt to escape, but it is destroyed by a missile attack. Parker fights the Ultor guards, and learns that Doctor Capek created the disease, leading the to rebel Red Faction to kill him, but not before finding there was a cure. Parker then destroys the Missile system, and uses a shuttle to travel to an Ultor Space Station. After deactivating a laser defence system and destroying the space station, he gets back to Mars in an escape pod. Ultor then gets mercenaries to fight the miners, and to destroy all traces of Ultors wrongdoing. After killing the Mercenary leader in the mercenary base, the Earth Defence Force arrive and save them from an Ultor fighter. The cure for The Plague is discovered and is being given out to the Miners.

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