Rey's Scavenger Run title screen shot.

With the prequel Star Wars movies, their plot revolved around a trade federation that was growing in power due to border disputes, which a band of rebels were opposing them. With the original trilogy and reboot/continuation of movies starting at the end of 2015, the federation had become a galactic empire, which had developed weapons so immense that they could destroy entire planets (two Death Stars and a Starkiller Base) as the rebellion continued in trying to defeat the empire and its continued threat against peace. Various future spinoff movies will be in regards to various characters and time periods set in the Star Wars universe.

Rey's Scavenger Run takes place in the episode seven universe (known as The Force Awakens), as the player controls one of the main characters of the movie (Rey). The game was developed by Tassilo and was released in 2016, which, being a part of the PICO-8 medium, can be played on various platforms.


At the beginning of the game, Rey’s boss (also shown briefly during the film) tells her to gather up various “junk” in the desert and to bring it to him.

As the landscape scrolls by, Rey must collect various junk pieces by running into them to sell to her boss later. She must avoid several vehicles, which will damage hers if she makes contact with them (which is noted at the top left of screen); if her speeder takes in too much damage then the game will end.

If the player is able to make it to the end of a run (denoted by a bar at the bottom of the screen), all pieces of junk will be accepted by her boss, those will be added to her score and she will be allowed to make a repair to her speeder if needed.


  • Start game/next wave–x key
  • Move Rey’s speeder–arrow keys
  • Pause game–Enter or p key
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