Note: The reason this article is titled as it is is because Steam does not feature the vanilla Civilization II. We do not want to confuse gamers or be dishonest and misleading. If you own Civ III vanilla, please be a good person and let other gamers know the differences between the complete and vanilla versions.

Sid Meier’s Civilization III Complete Edition was the third official release in the very popular Civilization Series. It was released in 2001 for the PC and Mac.

List of Civilizations/LeadersEdit

America: President Lincoln of the AmericasEdit

Arabia: Caliph Abu Baker of the ArabsEdit

Aztecs: Chief Montezuma of the AztecsEdit

Babylon: King Hammurabi of the BabyloniansEdit

Byzantium: Empress Theodora of the ByzantinesEdit

Carthage: General Hannibal of the CarthaginiansEdit

Celtics: King Brennus of the CeltsEdit

China: Chairman Mao of the ChineseEdit

Egypt: Queen Cleopatra of the EgyptiansEdit

England: Queen Elizabeth of the EnglishEdit

France: Saint Joan D’Arc of the FrenchEdit

Germany: Chancellor Bismarck of the GermansEdit

Greece: King Alexander of the GreeksEdit

Hittites: King Mursilis of the HittitesEdit

Inca: Sara-Inca Pachacuti of the IncaEdit

India: Mahatma Gandhi of the IndiansEdit

Iroquois: Chief Hiawatha of the IroquoisEdit

Japan: Shogun Tokugawa of the JapaneseEdit

Korea: King Wang Kom of the KoreansEdit

Maya: Great Instigator Smoke-Jaguar of the MayaEdit

Mongols: Genghis Khan Temujin of the MongolsEdit

Netherlands: King William of the DutchEdit

Ottomans: Sultan Osman of the OttomansEdit

Persia: Emperor Xerxes of the PersiansEdit

His name is pronounced as “Zirk-sees”, if you were confused.

Portugal: Prince Henry of the PortugueseEdit

Rome: Emperor Caesar of the RomansEdit

Russia: Czarina Catherine of the RussiansEdit

Scandinavia: King Ragnar Lodbrok of the VikingsEdit

Spain: Queen Isabella of the SpanishEdit

Sumeria: King Gilgamesh of the SumeriansEdit

Zululand: Chief Shaka of the ZuluEdit

Other Civilization GamesEdit

Main SeriesEdit

Spin Offs/Other Civ GamesEdit

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