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In the original Skeleton, the player had to maneuver their way through a series of mazes eliminating 80 skeletons. Due to feedback in regards to the game’s high difficulty level (with the player getting touched once by a skeleton ending the game) and other complaints (such as there being no score shown at the end of a game), the follow-up of Skeleton+ corrected several of these issues.

The game was released in 2003 through Atari Age and Packrat Video Games. It was created by Eric Ball.


At the start of a game, the player will find themselves in a maze. A motion sensor known as an Undead Locator (represented as a square) will appear in the direction a Skeleton is in. Upon moving around the maze until the Skeleton appears before them, the player can then shoot it with their Undead Disintegrator (or UD), which will cause the next Skeleton to appear in the maze. The further the player gets in the game, the more hits it will take to destroy a Skeleton. The UD also requires a second to reload after being fired before it can discharge again.

Upon shooting five Skeletons, the next level will begin. If the player is able to destroy all 40 Skeletons over a series of eight mazes then they will win the game. However, if a Skeleton touches the player, they will lose health points (which they start out with 99 health units). If the player loses all health units before destroying all Skeletons then the game will end.


If the left difficulty switch is set to the A position, 10 Skeletons will need to be destroyed before making it to the next level, along with the Undead Locator being turned off (which the player will just have to rely on sound of footsteps in order to find the next Skeleton). If the right difficulty switch is set to the A position, the player will only have 49 health units to complete the game, along with having the Skeleton speed only being reset at the start of each level. Also, if the tv type switch is set to black/white, if the player is touched once by a Skeleton the game will end.


  • Start game–game reset or select switch
  • Move forward–up on joystick
  • Move left/right–left/right on joystick
  • Fire UD–button
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