Background/basic gameplayEdit


Space Invaders by Neave Games title/score table shot.

The online game of Space Invaders by Neave Games looks and plays a lot like the original Space Invaders arcade game of the same name, although there are several minor differences.

Like with the original, the player controls a laser base that is used to shoot at a moving formation of invaders overhead. Once the formation reaches a screen edge, it will drop down a notch closer to the bottom of the screen. The invaders fire in the meantime, which if a bomb hits the player's base it will be destroyed and the game will end when there are no more bases left in reserve. If the formation reaches the very bottom of the screen that will end the game. The player has several bunkers that they can take cover behind, however (although if they become damaged enough fire from either side can get through) and there is a high scoring U. F. O. that flies overhead several times during a level.

Differences from originalEdit

The firing of the invaders can be erratic; sometimes they will not fire for several seconds. The same goes with the U. F. O., as it can sometimes not appear for a long time, at other times two of them will come out in rapid succession. Instead of making a high-pitched sound when it appears, it has a very quiet hum on this version (which also most of the sounds are different as well). The bunkers also do not ever get refreshed with each new wave, unlike with the arcade original, the last invader on a level does not move quickly, the 300 point secret for the U. F. O. is not present in this version, and the player earns an extra laser base at the completion of every level, rather than only at 1,000 points like with the original.


  • Move laser base–arrow keys (left and right)
  • Fire–spacebar
  • Quit–Q key
  • Pause–P key
  • Change screen size–S key


If this link is clicked on, this onscreen message appears:

This version of Space Invaders is no longer available, at the request of Taito Corp. Sorry for any inconvenience :(

For a while, the game could still be played at various gaming web sites, but those versions would later be removed as well.

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