Space Invaders 2002 title screen shot.

Space Invaders 2002 is an online remake of the arcade game Space Invaders, with pretty much just an update in graphics and very few changes from the original. It was created and published by TechRadium Studios in 2002.


As per Space Invaders usual, there is a large formation of invaders over the player’s laser base. The invaders march from one side of the screen to the other; once they reach a screen edge, they drop a notch closer to the player, dropping bombs all the while. If the player gets hit by a bomb they will lose a base and the game will end once all bases are destroyed or an invader lands on the ground. The player has four bunkers to take shelter behind for cover though, as well as they can earn an extra laser base with the completion of each level.

A high-scoring U. F. O. also appears several times during a level.

Differences from originalEdit

There are only a few minor differences from the original game, mostly in regards to updated graphics (the bunkers are multi-colored), plus the invaders will explode in a fiery death when shot. The top row of invaders are worth 40 points, rather than 30, the player can earn multiple extra bases, rather than only one, the bunkers do not get refreshed after a completed wave, and the U. F. O. comes out not on a timed scale, but intermittently, and sometimes constantly, one right after the other.


  • Move laser base–arrow keys (right/left)
  • Fire–spacebar


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