Star Wars: Imperial Commando was to be the sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando but was cancelled during developement in 2004. It was to be developed by Lucasarts.

Concept Art


The Concept Art that exists from this game was drawn in 2003. It was to of been based on Commandos serving the Galactic Empire. It beat the competing submission for sequel. It was cancelled as sales projections were low.

Star Wars: Rebel CommandoEdit

Star Wars: Rebel Commando was the other proposal for sequel, but was beaten by this game. It was to follow Sev's story after being left in Kashyyyk.


The game would of likely been a First-Person shooter like its predecessor. It was confirmed it was not a continuation of the Squad of the two predecessors.


The game would of likely followed the accompanying Novels closely, killing fugitive Jedi and other threats to the Empire.

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