Star Wars: X-Wing is a Space Combat Simulation released in 1993 by LucasArts. It was developed for the DOS,
Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows.


The player must choose a Pilot, and then are shown the games hub, the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser named Independence. There are three places the player can fly. The Proving Grounds is where the player must fly through a series of gates within a certain time. The Historical Simulator have missions, but they do not contain the Plot of the game. The player can also replay past Tour of Duty missions in the Historical Simulator. The Tour of Duty is the main part of the game, and contains the plot. The player can pilot three vehicles, the A-Wing, the X-Wing and the Y-Wing. The B-Wing Expansion pack allowed the players to pilot the B-Wing as well.


The Rebel Alliance is fighting the Galactic Empire. The players pilot (Named Keyan Farlander in Prima Strategy Guide) pilots Space Fighters from the Independence, and fights the Empire with them. Eventually Luke Skywalker attacks the Death Star, and destroys it.


Two expansion packs were released for the game, each adding very usable features.

Imperial PursuitEdit

Star Wars X-Wing: Imperial Pursuit contained twenty Tour of Duty missions. They are set during the evacuation of Yavin 4, and the search for a new rebel base, while avoiding the Imperial Interdictor.


Star Wars X-Wing: B-Wing contained Twenty Tour of Duty missions, access to the B-Wing Starfighter and Six Historical Missions. The Missions contained are set during and after the Battle of Hoth.


Star Wars: X-Wing recieved a great rating from critics for it's controls, graphics, and gameplay.

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