Star Wars Battlefront II (DICE) is going to be a 3rd/1st person shooter that will be released in November 2017. Now, there is already a Battlefront II, so, in order not to look like a fool, call this one the re-make when talking with your friends about it.

Star Wars Battlefront II (DICE) is going to be a basic re-imagining of the original game back in 2005. The game will be "so much better" than the first remake, promising all of the things (or at least most) that the first (*cough cough Shameless cash grab/failure*) game was lacking in.

Such as:

Space Combat: Come on, it's Star Wars, for war's sake. To not have a combat game named Star Wars and not give us a game set in the stars is stupid.

Better Multiplayer: Does this mean creative servers (Anyone else thinking of trolling your YouTube followers as Jar Jar??)

All three Eras: Yes, that does mean that you can now troll your brother and friend John/Eric as an annoying Clone or Droid, or even as Palpatine, or, heck, even cut them down constantly as Kylo, Luke, or Rey! Yay!

Confirmed ContentEdit

  • First Order Characters such as:
    • Kylo Ren
  • Resistance Characters such as:
    • Rey
    • Poe
    • BB-8
  • Republic Characters such as:
  • Yoda
  • Clone Troopers

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