The Black Box is a Compilation of Videogames by Valve Software. It is related to The Orange Box, but only contains

Information about this is rare, nevermind the official picture, that I eventually found.

the games newly released on that Compilation. The game was initially cancelled, but was eventually given away, with vouchers for the game being given to purchasers of certain ATI Graphics Cards.

Included GamesEdit

Half-Life 2: Episode TwoEdit

Half-Life 2: Episode Two is the newest installment to the Half-Life series, and was first released in the Orange Box Compilation. It continues Episode One, but the story moves away from City 17 and is instead set in the Wilderness.


Portal is a First-Person Shooter/Puzzle hybrid, where the player has to create portals with a Portal Gun in order to complete the tests of the device.

Team Fortress 2Edit

Team Fortress 2 was the long awaited sequel to Team Fortress Classic. The player plays as either the BLU or the RED Faction, and fight each other with Mercenaries.

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