The Stroll title screen.

The Stroll is a brief puzzle game that, being released on the PICO-8 medium, can be played on various platforms. It was created by Parlor and was published in 2016.

In the game, the player controls a character that they must maneuver across a desolate landscape. Along the way, they will be stopped by barriers in front of buildings; the player must then enter the building, which they will either find an exit that takes them back outside and past the barrier or they will find themselves in a room with one or more consoles with a lit red button(s). Changing the button(s) to green will result in the barrier being released, which the player can then exit the building and continue on their way.


Once the player starts progressing through the game and bypassing buildings, they will start coming across several corpses with spattered blood. In the last building of the game, if the player moves past the room with the consoles, they will come across a monster feasting on a body, although the player cannot come in contact with it. Once they have released all the barriers, exit the building and continue traveling right, they will encounter the monster. If they keep on moving right the monster will look up, make a sound, and the game will end, as the monster will have killed the player.


  • Start game–right arrow key
  • Move character–right/left arrow keys
  • Enter building–up arrow key (while standing on doorway)
  • Exit building–down arrow key
  • Push button–up arrow key
  • Pause game–p key
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